Message from the Campaign Chairs

What difference has Saint Anselm College made to you? For us, Saint Anselm gave us the life-transforming education and experience to look at our responsibilities and possibilities differently.

When we talk to alumni and students, we hear the same thing. Saint Anselm’s combination of rigorous liberal arts and Benedictine values helps each individual to realize more of their potential.

In addition to holding doors for others, we Anselmians can recognize each other because we all have had the opportunity to define what success means to us, and how to pursue it to the best of our abilities.

The college was special to each of us when we were students and remains our forever home. It is still a life-changing place today, and, thanks to this campaign, it will remain enduringly relevant tomorrow.

If you believe that the college has been a positive force in your life, we urge you to join us in supporting this campaign.

Roger L. Jean ’70, H.D. ’06

Secretary of the Board of Trustees

Joanne Pietrini Smith ’85

Chair of the Board of Trustees

Richard J. Meelia ’71, H.D. ’14

Chair of the Faith in the Future Campaign


  • Goal $5 millionFaith in Our Mission

    The campaign gives us a chance to strengthen our distinctive Catholic, Benedictine identity. We will do this by fostering programs that encourage the lifelong pursuit of truth and that advance intellectual, moral, and spiritual growth.

    Catholic, Benedictine Identity:

    We will enhance mission-related programming by expanding Anselmian 360 to include as many first-year students as possible. This overnight experience orients students to the college’s intellectual, social, and spiritual resources and helps them gain a fuller understanding of the possibilities of a Benedictine education. We will also work to establish stronger ties with other Benedictine schools nationally to explore cooperative programming.


    Center for Ethics in Business and Governance:

    This new center will draw upon principles from the college’s Catholic and Benedictine tradition of work, governance, learning, and inquiry within community to address the need for ethical corporate governance. With more than 125 years of teaching ethics, a successful state-supported Ethics in Governance initiative, a nationally renowned New Hampshire Institute of Politics, and a vibrant Economics and Business Department, the center will be committed to changing the way business is done.

  • Goal $5 millionFaith in Our Community

    The campaign will sustain every facet of the Saint Anselm community by bolstering programs that bring together students, faculty, alumni, staff, parents, and our neighbors in greater Manchester.

    Diversity and Inclusiveness:

    We will advance initiatives to promote a more diverse campus community, striving for a student body that is 11 percent ALANA (African American, Latino/a, Asian, and Native American) and international.

    International Programs:

    The college will commit to increasing the number of students studying abroad to 70 annually by increasing the capacity of the college’s program in Orvieto, Italy, and expanding faculty-led programs and international internships. We will also increase study-abroad scholarships and funds for faculty to develop study-abroad courses.

    Meelia Center for Community Engagement:

    We will extend the impact of the Meelia Center by increasing partnerships with agencies and increasing the number of student participants.

    Living and Learning Communities:

    The campaign will invest in expanding opportunities for students to learn through inventive, cross-disciplinary, and cocurricular collaborations. We will also strengthen residence hall spiritual communities, where student peer ministers provide faith-based programming.

  • Goal $25 millionFaith in Our Faculty & Students


    We are blessed with talented faculty who are committed to educating the next generation of ethical citizens. The campaign will advance their scholarly work as well as the reach and relevance of the humanities on campus and in our community.

    Endowed Chairs:

    Through campaign investment, we will establish two additional endowed faculty chairs. These sought-after positions will support the outstanding work of current faculty and attract top teacher-scholars to the college.

    Faculty Research Development:

    The campaign will invest in faculty through programs that help them advance their research. This includes increasing funding for summer research grants as well as bolstering efforts to assist faculty in securing external grants.

    Campaign support will help launch this new institute, which will prepare students to become effective citizen-leaders through the integrated study of the humanities. It will also engage students in partnerships with schools, museums, organizations, and other community-based agencies to teach and promote the humanities.

  • Goal $25 millionFaith in Our Faculty & Students


    Students are the lifeblood of Saint Anselm College. They are, quite literally, the reason we exist. The campaign will support students and their experience here by expanding scholarships, internships, and opportunities for research with faculty.

    Affordability and Access:

    The campaign will give the college the critical ability to build endowment to increase scholarship support. This financial underpinning will allow us to attract and retain a full range of the best and most-qualified students with a goal of expanding our geographic reach.

    Undergraduate Internships:

    The college will commit to providing 200 students each year with the opportunity to complete meaningful internships in their chosen disciplines. This includes expanding on the work of the new Professional

    Development Initiative (PDI), which builds relationships with regional and global firms to place students in business-related internships.

    Faculty-student Research Collaborations:

    We will expand undergraduate research opportunities to accommodate 40 students each year. This will be accomplished through funding high-profile student research projects, creating an Undergraduate Research Assistantship program, and launching a Summer Faculty-Student Research Program.

  • Goal $10 millionFaith in Our Hilltop Home

    Our campus is beautiful, a setting that has nurtured and inspired generations of students and alumni. Campaign support will allow us to care for the buildings, facilities, and grounds that make up the 380 acres that we call home.

    The Roger and Francine Jean Student Center Complex:

    This attractively renovated and expanded student center is the campaign’s centerpiece. A student life hub, this updated facility serves as the intersection of academic and student activity on campus.

    Enhanced Learning Environments:

    The campaign provides an ideal opportunity to reimagine teaching and learning spaces on campus. Our goal is to create 10 next-generation classrooms along with laboratories and lounge spaces to bring students and faculty together to collaborate on coursework, projects, labs, and advising.


    Our NCAA athletic programs are about excellence, sportsmanship, and developing student-athletes who succeed on the field and in the classroom. Campaign investment will allow us to renovate Grappone Stadium, providing much-needed locker rooms, offices, and team meeting space. A renovation of Stoutenburgh Gym will incorporate new bleachers, locker rooms, and a permanent home for our Athletics Hall of Fame.

  • Goal $25 millionSaint Anselm Today

    Through the campaign, we will raise the bar for The Saint Anselm Fund by increasing participation in and dollars raised by the conclusion of Faith in the Future. A more robust annual fund will ensure the campaign’s effects are felt for years to come.

    Anselmian Scholarships:

    Support for this critical priority enhances our scholarship packages, helping ensure that students who are qualified to attend Saint Anselm are able to do so, regardless of their financial means.

    Anselmian Support:

    Gifts designated to Anselmian Support are applied to the college’s highest priorities, as determined by our trustees.

    Anselmian Academics:

    We are able to attract highly qualified faculty, provide the latest technology, host conferences and outstanding

    speakers, and take every opportunity to improve the educational experience through support for this area.

    Anselmian Life:

    Support for Anselmian Life enriches student-focused programs, such as the Meelia Center for Community Engagement, Campus Ministry, Career Services, and Student Activities.

    Anselmian Athletics:

    Gifts for athletics help ensure that every Hawk team is fully equipped, well prepared, and competitive.